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    Septic Service Near Me: How Stay-At-Home Orders Are Impacting Your Septic System

    The water you use eventually returns to the environment in one form or another. Whether it’s taking a shower, washing the dishes, or flushing the toilet, the water will always find its way back into our ecosystem after it has undergone treatment in a wastewater facility. We don’t think about this process all that often, but the truth is that for many this process is invaluable and vital to the health of their property. 

    septic service near me

    An overworked septic system can be prone to all kinds of problems, including jams and clogs, leaks, and much more. However, a few bad habits we may have could also cause some serious issues for your septic system. In this blog, we’ll offer a few tips for things you should do to keep your septic system in good health while sheltering-in-place during COVID-19.

    Keep an Eye on Your Septic System’s Health

    If you begin to notice signs of recurring clogs, wastewater backups, overflowing toilets, or foul smells in your yard, then you are likely already past due for professional septic service. If you experience any of the above symptoms, or you know that it has been a year or longer since your Septic Service Near Me service, then it is best to discuss your needs with a septic specialist as soon as possible.

    Avoid Potential Septic Problems

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve heard and seen a lot of strange stories about things people are doing to try and make up for shortages or compensate for things they run out of. This is particularly true when it comes to sanitation problems. Toilet paper is becoming a hot commodity, and we’ve unfortunately seen too many stories about people using things like facial tissue and paper towels as substitutes. These things not only block up your drain lines but don’t decompose in your septic tank, so they’ll contribute to clogging and other problems in the long term as well.

    Likewise, it’s also important to think about what kinds of liquid wastes you’re putting down the drains, as they’ll impact your septic system too. Septic tanks use naturally occurring bacteria to decompose the waste we put into them and treat the water so it’s safe to return to the water table. That means antibacterial soaps and disinfectants actually harm your septic waste treatment system.

    Here are a few tips:

    •  Use hand soaps that are not antibacterial. Regular soap does the same job and doesn’t stress or destroy the good bacteria your tank needs. Use hand sanitizer after washing your hands, as it does not need to be flushed down the drain.

    •  Don’t use a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals generate food waste that is far too heavy on the organic load in your septic system.

    •  Limit showers, laundry loads, and heavy water usage activities to the fewest number possible. This keeps your water processing level in balance.

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    Are you worried about the condition of your septic tank now that everyone in the family is at home more often? If you need to schedule a septic inspection, cleaning, pumping, repair, installation, or maintenance, then there is no need to wait. Call the experts at Mid-Tenn Septic & Plumbing. Our specialists are always ready to help you achieve quality, lasting results. Contact our office for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment with a septic specialist in Middle Tennessee. Learn more about Septic Service Near Me.

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